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Why I am a Pagan 20z9u2b

Zitkala-sa or Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (1876-1938)


Zitkala-Sa Biography and links at the Native American Authors Project
Biography by Roseanne Hoefel and bibliography at the The Online Archive of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Women's Writings. (Image courtesy of this site.)
Biographical sketch by Melessa Rae Henderson at the Voices from the Gaps: American Women of Color site.

Kristin Herzog's general commentary on teaching Zitkala-Sa from the Heath Anthology site.
General Bibliography of Native American Literature

Works Available Online

Page images from the Atlantic Monthly

* Impressions of an Indian Childhood (January 1900)
* School Days of an Indian Girl (February 1900)
* An Indian Teacher among Indians (March 1900)

An Indian Teacher Among Indians Atlantic Monthly (1900), Volume 85.
Impressions of an Indian Childhood Atlantic Monthly 85 (1900): 37-47.
Old Indian Legends (1901)
Old Indian Legends at Project Gutenberg
School Days of an Indian Girl Atlantic Monthly 85 (1900): 185-94.
Soft Hearted Sioux Harper's Monthly , New York (1901 )
The Trial Path Harper's Monthly, Volume 103, October 1901 .
"A Warrior's Daughter" (1902)
"Why I Am a Pagan" by Zitkala Sa Atlantic Monthly 90 (1902): 801-803.

Available here

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