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The Irish 29mma1k

Is it true the Irish people are racially Aryans?

Interestingly, genetically, the Irish are closely linked to the Basques of Spain!

(Basques are a remnant of the early inhabitants of Western Europe)

So, no, their ancestors were mostly post ice-age settlers from the Basque region,
followed by neolithic farmers who probably brought the celtic languages.

Irish mythology makes reference to five invasions. They are as follows:

The coming of the Partholan into Ireland.

The coming of the Nemed into Ireland.

The coming of the Firbolgs into Ireland.

The invasion of the Tuatha De Danaan. (The folk of the god whose mother is Dana)

The invasion of the Milesians (Sons of Miled) and the conquest of the Tuatha De Danaan.

The Irish M99i52
Fairy-mounds, the sídhe

These sídhe have been found to be ancient burial mounds and the aos sí were the
pre-Celtic occupants of Ireland.

The Book of Invasions, the Annals of the Four Masters, and the oral history, all point in this direction.

Aes sídhe are not Aryan!

Aes sídhe are a powerful, supernatural race comparable to the fairies or elves. They are variously believed to live underground in the fairy mounds, across the western sea, or in an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans. This world is described in the Book of Invasions (Book of Leinster) as a parallel universe in which the aos sí walk amongst the living.

In the Irish language, aos sí means "people of the mounds".

Fairies can be quite benevolent; however, if they are mistreated they will react cruelly. The Irish 397572

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