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Retropsychokinesis Empty Retropsychokinesis

Post  Manahuna on 18.11.09 5:39

Retropsychokinesis is the claimed ability of certain subjects to alter random data generated, but not examined, prior to the time the data are presented to the subject. Crazy, you say! Well, there's certainly no mechanism in mainstream physics which could permit such an effect, yet experiments conducted by a number of different researchers over the last 20 years suggest, compellingly according to some analyses, that the probability of the results obtained in such experiments being purely the result of chance is sufficiently low that they would be considered evidence of a causal mechanism in most scientific disciplines.

We neither accept nor dismiss the existence of retropsychokinetic effects—instead we make experiments available to anybody with access to the World-Wide Web in order to discover if there is anything genuinely there. If so, the implications for physics and consciousness studies are profound. That's reason enough to see if there's something spooky going on or just a blip readily explained by the inevitability of improbable results in a few of an immense number of experiments.


I did the (Foucault's) Pendulum Experiment and choose the wide swing with soundfeedback and on my first try I scored 22 points. You want to swing the pendulum with "the power of your mind" as wide as possible and if you hit the sidewalls you hear a bouncing sound. Try it out, it's fun.......and let me if you could beat me.. Basketball

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Retropsychokinesis Empty Re: Retropsychokinesis

Post  tetragrammaton on 31.08.10 18:43

Gimme a few weeks I will do this!


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