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Post  Manahuna on 23.11.09 4:25

My lovely Hawaiian Auntie Happy.

Of Hawaiian heritage, Happy Pahia is one of the world's premier peace educators. Originally trained in the art of ho'oponopono and kahuna spirituality. (and something else, but I am not allowed to tell)

Her traditional-contemporary crossing style has made her an honored Elder of wisdom among the Kanaka Maoli Wahine... traditional kahuna women's society, as well as a respected voice for understanding among world leaders. Pahia has earned respect for her work counseling those seeking their lineage history, and has received special note among the indigenous for her bridging in inter-cultural sharing. Pahia's life has been shaped by a desire to communicate a sense of Hawaiian purity and state of being that transcends the common chaos presented in contemporary life. It's about Respct. It's about Love. It's about Family. It's about Aloha.

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