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Post  Manahuna on 26.08.10 21:46

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There are four types of wood:
live wood, green wood, dead wood and living wood.

When a tree is alive and growing we are dealing with living wood. When the whole tree dies, or perhaps only a single branch, then it becomes dead wood. We get green wood when we cut a tree. Then the dryad (tree soul) immediately draws it's life force out of the tree or branch, but the natural decay processes is slowed down and we are able to make cabinets, doors, chairs, etc. from it. Living wood, however, we obtain when the dryad has formed a double of itself in a tree (branch).

A tree is a living intelligent being, like animals and humans. And just like humans and animals do they have a soul or "higher self", the dryad. A dryad can have a body or many because trees "clone" themselfs (naturally). When a sapling grows from the seeds of a tree, the dryad of the "parent tree" forms another body. Even when you cut a tiny branch and put it in water until it grows tiny roots, the elder plant's dryad will be present in the new plant.

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