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Origins of the Sagittarius Mythos

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Origins of the Sagittarius Mythos Empty Origins of the Sagittarius Mythos

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constellation, late 14c., from L., lit. "archer," properly "pertaining to arrows," from sagitta "arrow," which probably is from a pre-Latin Mediterranean language. Meaning "person born under Sagittarius" (properly Sagittarian) is attested from 1940.

Various OLD German forms are  „scuzzo“, „skut“, „sketta“, „schütte“, modern German „Schütze“

Anglosaxon „skytt“ and in Swedish „skytte“


1543, from L. Scythia, from Gk. Skythia
"ancient region along the north coast of the Black Sea," from Skythes "a Scythian."

The Scythians or Scyths were an ancient people of horse-riding nomadic pastoralists.

half-men, half-horse, drinking, dancing, wild celebrating beings from "another world".

Origins of the Sagittarius Mythos Scythia-parthia_100_bco66n


Origins of the Sagittarius Mythos Szkitalovas.plaquehh0r

Plaque of a Scythian horseman. Gold, 4th century B.C.

Origins of the Sagittarius Mythos Scythian_gold-fdd9cnu0t

Scythian Gold, Mid-4th BC

In a Persian legend of the very early (pre-Aryan) period, when Iran was civilized by a western Mesopotamian ruler, Takma Urupi (Takma=Tana) whose wife was Eneth. Eneth or Nana are names of the mother goddess of waters, rivers, and fertility among Mesopotamian and Scythian peoples.

Takhma Urupi (Nimrod), has three sons Tura, Sin, and Iredj. The first two stick together against the third son who inherits Iran. Tura becomes the ancestor of the Turanians, that is Scythians and Huns. Nimrod was known by several names in the Near East and was symbolized by the constellations Sagittarius and Orion amongst the Turanian/Scythian nations.

The centaur race is marked in myth as particularly war like and fierce. The Mesopotamians, who introduced the constellation Sagittarius and defined it as a centaur, represented it as twin headed with a human head facing forward and an animal head facing back, imagery which later adapted into the presence of a cloak flying behind the head of the constellation figure.

Origins of the Sagittarius Mythos Centaurvcmq

Insight into how the centaur myth originated offers an interesting reflection on its early basis. The first and most effective race to use the horse in battle was the Scythians, skilled archers who took full advantage of its speed and height to become a race beheld in terror and awe. It is claimed that when the Greeks first saw the Scythians they believed the horse and rider to be one, giving rise to imaginative and fear-inspired tales of the war-like centaur.

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