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Yo Manna part 2!

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Yo Manna part 2! Empty Yo Manna part 2!

Post  tetragrammaton on 23.11.10 23:15

Manahuna this is a thread I pulled out over at Icke's.

I do have to say she I am assuming said person is a she has a very profound insight and its a piece of my "jigsaw".


Later Tetra

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Yo Manna part 2! Empty Re: Yo Manna part 2!

Post  Manahuna on 24.11.10 13:58

Maybe you like to share this information in the Sacred Voice thread:

Sound and music consist of vibrations, the more vibrations per second, the higher the pitch. The unit for this is the Hertz, abbreviated Hz.

432 Hz is the natural "musical pitch" in the universe, as opposed to 440 Hz, which is the standard in the music nowadays in, for example, music albums and mp3 files.

This musical pitch is the standard pitch of the diapason, which is the musical note A above the middle C, scientifically named A4.

Most music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953, following the prior recommendations of the Nazi party spoksman, Joseph Goebbels in 1939. Suffice to say, I will not waste good energy down the rabbit hole of conspiracy to expose another Illuminatti agenda, however I will quickly state that there was an organised effort to change Concert pitch to 440hz well back at the start of the last century to codify a New World Order of central pitch.

440hz was pushed by J. C. Deagan, A US NAVY man and disciple of the acoustics physicist Hermann Helmholtz, who published "the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music" (1862). In 1910 J. C. Deagan persuaded the American Federation of Musicians, at its annual convention, to adopt A=440 as the standard universal pitch for orchestras and bands.

Deagan was well connected in many elite society circles and was a charter member of the American Federation of Musicians, a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Physical Society, American Acoustical Society and a member of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. He was deeply interested in astronomy, geology, chemistry, and all branches of physics, particularly the theories of light and sound and he was considered an authority on pitch and acoustics. Deagan designed the 440hz Wartime chime that was used for propaganda news reals in world war two and it is still used everyday as the call sign of the NBC chimes. Despite the petitions of over twenty thousand musicians in france, The ISO codified concert pitch globally by 1955.

Most musical instruments are therefore adjusted at 440 Hz nowadays, that wasn't earlier always the fact. If you find musical instruments from ancient times (for example from the old Greeks and Egyptians), and nowadays in still distant areas on Earth, these instruments are mostly adjusted at 432 Hz.

What are the advantages of 432 Hz above 440 Hz?

1. Research shows that music in 432 Hz, in according to the majority of the music lovers, is nicer for hearing, softer, brighter and more beautiful than music in 440 Hz. But you must have a good ear for music to hear this difference.

2. Because 432 Hz gives a greater clarity than 440 Hz, there's less need to play music in 432 Hz as loud as in 440 Hz. This means less hearing damage, as long as you put the volume not too high. It's known that, for example, 90 dB gives hearing damage after 8 hours. This effect nevertheless isn't scientifically proved (yet).

3. 432 Hz is more favourable for the chakras too. 440 Hz is working at the third eye chakra, "the thinking", while 432 Hz is working at the heart chakra, "the feeling". Listening to music in 432 Hz therefore could have a good influence at the spiritual development of the music lover, but not everyone feels this difference directly.

The committee 'Back to 432 Hz' wants, because of these reasons, a worldwide introduction of 432 Hz as the standard musical pitch, like it seems most in days gone by too.

The committee thinks it's important that at first so many people as possible get acquainted with the difference of 8 Hz. If many people know this and also believe the qualities of 432 Hz, it's to be hoped that the music industry will change the standard finally.

1.776 % is what 440 is off. 440/1.01776=432.32

1776 *check the one dollar bill*

432 Hz is the natural "musical pitch" in the universe, as opposed to 440 Hz.

Speed of light is 186.000 miles/sec= square from 432 wich is exactly 1 feet/sec.

The old Germans:

500 doors and 40 there are, I ween, in Valhalla's walls 800 fighters through each door fare.
When to war with the Wolf they go.

540 x 800 = well.. do the maths =)

The Geomusic Secret Formula

The code of Munck:


The world of academia has not caught on yet because of the complexity of Munck's work. The truth remains that there any many standards of tuning created for different musical situations such as concert tuning; 445 = "A" Many esoteric schools of thought have believed that there is 3 parts to a perfect understanding of an unknown ancient lost technology; Mathematics, Astronomy and MUSIC.


Reasons to change the standard of tuning from 440 to 432

1. Harmonically aligns to astronomical time count of Precession of the equinoxes, 432 X 60 = 25920
2. The original Stradivarius violin was designed to be tuned to 432, it is the most precise instrument ever constructed by humans.
3. 432 is found at countless ancient sacred sites along with such key locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt, 432 is found at the largest Buddhist temple in the world The borobudur - At the Borobudur the amount of statues at "The temple of countless Buddhas" is 432
4. over 2,000 signatures on a petition to the Italian government to change the standard to 432 due to the registers ripping many opera singers voices in 440 (it fell on deaf ears)
5. The most important of all is when the correction to 432 is made, the others notes of the entire octave display a multitude of Gematrian ancient sacred numbers that are astoundingly relative to astronomy, sacred geometry, The Bible and other mysterious literary works such as the Bhagavad-gita and exact longitude and latitudes and hundreds of pyramids and other sacred sites.

The ancient monument builders did nothing by chance, they practiced hermeticism (holistic arts) in which all the disciplines corresponded with each other harmonically.


V = F x W

Velocity equals frequency multiplied by wavelength! Color is measured with a spectrophotometer and the answers are given in terms of wavelength. Frequency is measured in Hz. or cycles per second. Logic dictates that because of such a huge variance in these two spectrums, that it is illogical to believe that each note will result in a different color, and vice versa. More so, would be an idea of a bleed over, as if your ceiling were a color and you were a note standing in the middle of your room. The spectrum of color is much higher and covers more ground, so to speak. Because of a simple fact: The higher the frequency, the smaller the wavelength. It stands to reason that a lower light frequency, (red) will contain a larger wavelength. Thus, a pinpointed frequency will live under a blanket of color. In other words the color purple will cover all of the frequencies surrounding the note A. Remember, there is a lot of space in between two notes. (Or one half step in music)

The frequency of ultraviolet (466,560) will amaze all associated with Carl Munck's Earth grid system he calls "The Code" 466,560 divided by 216 equals 2160! How can this be U.V. / 108 is 432 also.

The following are the answers I've found













Did you know that the instruments on which Mozart and Verdi composed their masterpieces were in 432Hz?

If Mozart was a musical genius why am I not allowed to hear HIS TUNE which was said to be psychoactive?

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Yo Manna part 2! Empty Re: Yo Manna part 2!

Post  Manahuna on 24.11.10 14:10

C 256 Hz is equvalent to the A 432 Hz tunning...

Beethoven's Ode to Joy



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Yo Manna part 2! Empty Re: Yo Manna part 2!

Post  tetragrammaton on 28.11.10 22:15

Thank You.

I will listen to them I do actually have a slight penchant for classical music and listen to it on the radio sometimes.

Its part of my grand unified theory of everything which I am rapidly coming to understand can never exist.

Anyway the next part of my adventure will be full on esoteric practice and astral projecting.

Roll on '11!


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Yo Manna part 2! Empty Re: Yo Manna part 2!

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