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The secret of a burning candle and why the sun is cold

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The secret of a burning candle and why the sun is cold Empty The secret of a burning candle and why the sun is cold

Post  Manahuna on 26.08.12 17:06

The secret of a burning candle and why the sun is cold Latest10

A burning candle needs oxygen.

While the wax melts the flame produces light by burning oxygen. Fire needs oxygen.

An artificial lightbulb is a miniture universe.

Paint a bulp with black colour and and turn it on, the room will not be lit up, just like the universes vacuum is not allowing to transmit light. Only because the lightbulb is transparent, the vacuum inside lets the little wire shine as a light.

As we know the universe is a vacuum and pitchblack.

If the Sun is an outpouring body of heat, then why do regions of cold exist within the Earth's atmosphere?

Why is space cold?

If interstellar space is a near absolute vacuum with a thermal temperature of -270degrees celcius than how does the supposed heat of the Sun reach us?

Why is it that when we rise within the atmosphere the temperature becomes colder and warmer the closer we are to the surface?

It is the Earth that absorbs the Sun's shortwave radiation and emits longwave radiation generating heat. That shortwave radiation travels as energy via superconduction or resistanceless transport which takes place at extremely low thermal temperatures, hence the cold temperature of space. The Sun does not emit enough heat energy to warm the Earth.

It is the atmosphere of the Earth that captures solar radiation creating light. Contrary to what we are told, for any light to hit the surface of the Moon, there must also be an atmosphere.

Scientists say that the sun's light travels through that space without emiting any heat because space is a vacuum, but that is highly illogical. If that would be true what is the transmitter of the suns light and heat if there is no medium for it to travel? It is simply impossible. For something to move it must have a medium to do so.

Why is it then that on top of the mountains there is no plant-growth and temperatures are much colder? Shouldn't it be much warmer up there?

It is only an optical illusion to our eyes to "see" the sun's light.

The sun may has it's own light (atmosphere), but it is not lightening up our planet or the entire solar system. I know this may sound fantastic to you because you heard your whole life the complete opposite, but then...think about it..

Here another mind-boggling question for you:

do we breath because our hearts beat, or does our heart beat because we breath?

Well, one could say that this question sounds just like the Chicken/Egg one, so let's find out what came first.

When you look closely at an egg (with a microscope f.ex) you will be surprised to see that the blood and fluids within the fine veins of the egg move all by itself. Therefore the fluids pulsate and move around inside the egg without a heart to generate this process. One could therfore say that the egg is in first place because it can fulfill its's destination without a heart in the begining to create a fledgling chick.

So what brings the fluids inside an egg to start the pulsation process?

Which power is responsible for this?

Where does the energy come from for this most mysterious movement?

After one realizes the quite oddish behaviour of an egg.....

Let's return to the initial question:

Do we breath because our heart beats or does our heart beat because we breath?

The phenomena of respiration being the most interesting phenomena. We continue to breath while in deep sleep, the regenerating phase of our brain. And likely our heart keeps beating, and all other procedures of our bodily functions, all the normal biophysical things, only reduced to the limit minimum.

In deep sleep all is suspended in a stand-by kind of modus.

A more explicit display would be a deep unconcious coma. Now the brain shuts even more, yet we still breath and our heart continues to beat.

Why does our breathing and heart not collapse, what energy keeps the heart-beat ?

The spin of earth's rotation, and no, I highly doubt that the heart is a 'pump' or 'motor'. It is rather the capillary system that helps the blood to rotate. Not alone, but in combination with the earth's spining. The heart itself seems to be a transistor for frequency to energize our bloodcells.

About the heart:

Discovery 1: It is well documented that the human heart generates the strongest magnetic field in the body, nearly 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. This field creates a doughnut-shaped pattern that extends well beyond the physical body and has been measured at distances of five to eight feet from the physical heart. Data suggest that this field may be so large that we end up measuring it in miles; however, it’s beyond the scope of the equipment used to detect such fields.

Discovery 2: Certain layers of Earth’s atmosphere, along with the earth itself, generate what is now being called a ‘symphony’ of frequencies (between .01 and 300 hertz), some of which overlap the same ones created by the heart in its communication with the brain. … In the words of HeartMath researchers, the relationship between the human heart and Earth’s magnetic field suggests that ‘strong collective emotion has a measurable impact on the earth’s geomagnetic field.’”

By the way, the Lymphic system is not connected to the heart and seems to have no dificulty to distribute it's fluids for an overall spreading. Any clue as to why our blood is supposed to be needing a "pump" then?

And the same goes for breathing, we actually don't breath, we are getting replenished, or we 'get breathed'..

So we breath and our heart beats, but not because our brain makes it do so.

Nature doesn't need to create a brain to breath or for pulsation. Plants don't have a brain or heart, neither do worms or jellyfish etc.

So what is the purpose for a brain? Any idea?

For the ancient people "breathing" always had a significant position within their understanding of life.

So what is being concealed?

That we are not supposed to be subservient creatures of the Sun as the sunworshippers would have you believe, and that energy is free and flows through everything that lives.

In other words: take away the air and the light goes out. You won't be seeing the sun or any other star for that matter if it weren't for our earthly atmosphere. Air is the name given to atmosphere used in breathing and photosynthesis. If you are open to being taught by nature, go listen to the trees.

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