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Easter and the Grand Penis Conspiracy

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Easter and the Grand Penis Conspiracy

Post  Manahuna on 26.08.12 18:18

Those who love truth learn to ask questions, and many questions must be asked regarding the holiday of Easter. Is it truly the day when Jesus arose from the dead? Where did all of the strange customs come from?

"Ishtar", which is pronounced "Easter" was a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of their gods that they called "Tammuz", who was believed to be the only begotten son of the moon-goddess and the sun-god.

In those ancient times, there was a man named Nimrod, who was the grandson of one of Noah´s son named Ham. Ham had a son named Cush who married a woman named Semiramis. Cush and Semiramis then had a son named him "Nimrod." After the death of his father, Nimrod married his own mother and became a powerful King.

The Bible tells of of this man, Nimrod, in Genesis 10:8-10 as follows: "And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad,and Calneh, in the land of Shinar."

Nimrod became a god-man to the people and Semiramis, his wife and mother, became the powerful Queen of ancient Babylon. Nimrod was eventually killed by an enemy, and his body was cut in pieces and sent to various parts of his kingdom. Semiramis had all of the parts gathered, except for one part that could not be found.

That missing part was his reproductive organ. Semiramis claimed that Nimrod could not come back to life without it and told the people of Babylon that Nimrod had ascended to the sun and was now to be called "Baal", the sun god.

Excerpts from: http://www.lasttrumpetministries.org/tracts/tract1.html

The religious origin of the Jewish practice of circumcision is written in the Torah where God promised Abraham I will make you exceedingly fertile, and make nations of you, and kings shall come forth from you. . . . I assign the land you sojourn in to you and your offspring to come, all the land of Canaan, as an everlasting holding. I will be their God. . . . Such shall be the covenant between Me and you and your offspring to follow which you shall keep: every male among you shall be circumcised. (Genesis 17:6,8,10)


The Quando el Rey Nimrod is a Sephardic folk song.

It is sung in Judaeo-Spanish, the Jewish-Spanish language, and tells the story of the birth of Abraham, the biblical prophet.

Great merit has honorable Abraham

Because of him we recognize the true God.

Great merit has the father of the newborn

Who fulfills the commandment of Abraham our father (circumcision).

We wish to greet the father of the newborn

We wish mazel tov (good luck) to the newborn.

Because Elijah the Prophet appeared And we give praises to the True One.

We greet the godfather and the circumciser,

Because of his merit the Redeemer and Merciful

One [God] will come to all Israel, And we give praises to the True One.

Chorus: Abraham Avinu [our Father], dear father Blessed Father, Light of Israel (x2).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quando_el_Rey_Nimrod

So here we can see the correlation if we keep in mind that 'Judaism' basically took it's first form in Babylon (Babylonian Talmud) integrating quite a bit of the Sumerian Myths like the Flood (Gilgamesh Epos) & the case of the 'dick-less' Sun God worship. It is also no coincidence that the Egyptian Isis/Osiris myth is re-telling the same story as they are a Egyptian version of Ishtar/Nimrod=Baal

Surely you want to know what became of Nimrods penis.

Ishtar became pregnant and told everyone that it was from the male organ of Nimrod who was now the sun god Baal. She had a kid named Tammuz who was fond of rabbits. The Ishtar bunny! One day little Tammuz as was killed by a wild pig. Queen Semiramis (Goddess Ishtar) told the folks that he had ascended to the sun to be with his daddy's penis and they would worship them with the sacred flame of a candle. The ritual was called the Father, Son and Holy Flame.

(Got It?) Ishtar was now worshiped as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven. Some of Tammuz blood fell upon a tree, guess what happened next? and behold, overnight a full blown evergreen tree grew right there on the spot. So the evergreen tree became sacred because of the blood of Tammuz. (Sound familiar? Christmas-tree)

Queen Ishtar declared a forty day period of mourning each year for Tammuz and everyone had to make the sign of a T on their chest to commemorate. They also ate sacred cakes with a T or cross on the top. (Hot cross buns, anyone?)

Guess what happened next? Ishtar proclaims the Sunday after the first full moon in the spring a holiday. Everyone is to participate. Since it was Ishtar's Sunday it was celebrated with rabbits and eggs and since Tammuz was killed by a pig all would enjoy ham on this day!

So what's this Penis conspiracy all about you may ask.

The United States, a nation with 4.5% of the world's population, consumes 47% of the world's Viagra (Pfizer's own figures). Turns out the same nation has been circumcising the majority of its male infants for generations.

A new study in the International Journal of Men’s Health shows that circumcised men have a 4.5 times greater chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) than intact men, revealing what appears to be a significant acquisition vector. Other studies have previously observed that circumcision’s damage results in worsened erectile functioning, inability to maintain an erection, and reducing the glans sensitivity, including an overall penis sensitivity reduction by 75%. A recent study discovered that premature ejaculation is five times more likely when adjusted for erectile dysfunction and circumcision.A new Danish study also found that circumcised men are three times more likely to have ED.

Moreover, Israel- a country that routinely circumcises their baby boys for religious reasons- was the NUMBER ONE country for U.S. imported Viagra in 2010. It imported $172.4 million (28.2% of total sales, up 24.2% from same period in 2009). In fact, Viagra is so common there that the Pfizer pharmaceutical company asked for permission to market Viagra without a doctor's prescription- making it an over-the-counter medication.

Source: http://www.thewholenetwork.org/14/post/2011/8/does-circumcision-cause-erectile-dysfunction.html

But that is only the tip of the Iceberg! Our sexual organs play a important role for the infants developing brainfunctions, think about all those 600 something hormons/chemical secretions being produced & absorbed by the foreskin receptors, we are not just talking about missing nerves catapulting the act of physical love into the regions of metaphysical heights, we are talking about how newborn male babies brains will form. To be sure about the more indepth inclinations that male circumcision has we would actualy need a largescale scientific study that compares the cut and uncut males via brainscans and respective hormonal analysis...I for one don't think there is such thing as "useless" tissue...

So wtf do we really have to celebrate? Desensitized males (30% of the male population with a cut Penis now: Jews, Muslims and American men) with a possibility of a chemically-caused brain-dysfunction due to the lack of certain hormonal fluids produced in that called 'the foreskin'. So is this "traditional practice" the cause of going through regular psychotic episodes that ends in a world that lacks SANITY?! Or is that just some co-incidence?

Would men without the foreskin even be able to notice/realize if they indeed suffered from a "lack of some form of empathy" / deep level bonding ability?

Who know's, maybe this is the biggest crime against humanity, for males and females alike.

Please also read: http://dream-warrior.forumotion.com/t497-why-circumcision-is-a-bad-thing

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