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The Divine Trinity and the 4 Bodies

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The Divine Trinity and the 4 Bodies Empty The Divine Trinity and the 4 Bodies

Post  Manahuna on 04.05.16 17:25

Every human is a triune self, one could say 3 minds or self that are connected to each other.
Two spirits live together in the human body, one is "you" and the other is the "animal spirit"
or "unconscious mind". The third self is a spirit resides in another dimension.

The Divine Trinity and the 4 Bodies Extern10

The 3 aspects of the human consists of subconscious [Ego] conscious [Will]
and super-consciousness self [Ancestral Spirit or Holy Ghost].

These 3 planes of mental existence result in the correct interplay of a Human.

The Divine Trinity and the 4 Bodies Trinit10

When we look closely at the ball model we see that from the joining of the 3 aspects of the human,
4 sub-levels arise, each with a southern and northern sphere of influence.

Objective level
Subjective level
Symbolic level
Holistic level

we can also speak of 4 bodies:

Physical body
Astral body
Mental body
Spiritual body

'Godliness' implies the ability to obtain as much of a universal view as possible. Ideally the Human
follows a state of self-governing. The result is the sum of experiences, which are filtered through
ones inherent conscience. Energy can only be transformed but never destroyed. The soul of man
is inviolable [eternal], as long as the 3 aspects are harmoniously interconnected.  

"Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast,
And each will wrestle for the mastery there,
The one has passion's craving crude for love,
And hugs a world where sweet the senses rage;
The other longs for pastures fair above,
Leaving the murk for lofty heritage."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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