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Currency is a Meme

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Currency is a Meme Empty Currency is a Meme

Post  Manahuna on 05.05.16 21:17

That came about in the 17 hundreds

prior to that only real money existed

and we didn't have any "markets"

other then to exchange goods with money

So we haven't had currency, we had trade

The built up of this large abstraction

to which the whole world "bought into"

that we allowed all this power to go

to this centralized group that is

controlled by this small number of people

with that very specific religion

and we are at it's apex right now

I like the Taoists a lot

because they are smart people

And the Taoist have this saying

that nothing ever changes until

it get to an extreme

and that's the way with all things

so we are at that extreme now and

we are about to be changing

The poor "millenials" are the ones who

will have to live with the accumulated

mass from the 17 hundreds going "puff"

a gerneration that is really gonna struggle

even though they are the most conformist

that's were we are kinda heading into

Maybe there will be an emotional Renaissance

that won't involve currency

Focussing internally inwards

to correct the problems and mistakes

for a couple of decades

which will be difficult because the

millenials are a bunch of no talent

no skill and little ambitious beat on people

none of which is their fault

and all is their challenge to overcome

and once that starts things will change

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