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This Is The Rise Of The Silver Moon Empty This Is The Rise Of The Silver Moon

Post  Manahuna on 07.05.16 3:35

Hello Bejing, Moscow, Kiew (fuck you USA) do you copy?


I want chicken and rabits but my parents would not allow me
to keep'em because they say "they stink"..

Tell me what can I do to bring these idiots to their senses?

Maybe they must hunger first? yes, I guess so.....

What about you? You got enough Silver already?

You think the rediculous IMF *SDR* will fix the fiat *bulshit* for you?  
You must be either stupid or *HIGH*.. on something..

Even if.. let's say.. the Central banks go bust and the IMF would step in..
you think the BULSHIT SDR will last?

Please bitchez! It's game over.. time! already... deal with it!

Just as I have to deal with me retarded relatives.. Ohhhh!

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