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The 23rd Letter of the Greek Alphabet

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The 23rd Letter of the Greek Alphabet Empty The 23rd Letter of the Greek Alphabet

Post  Manahuna on 10.05.16 18:19


a term for "para-psychological" (occult, psychic) from Greek psyche (soul).

Belief in a mechanistic universe is a modern superstition...
based on a more or less extensive series of correct facts,
facts which are subsequently generalized without warrant,
and finally so distorted that they become grotesque...
The “witch superstition” cost innumerable innocent women their lives,
in the cruelest fashion. The mechanistic superstition is more dangerous...
When once we have got to the stage of seeing in man merely a complex machine,
what does it matter if we destroy him?

— W. Heitler

The music is not in the notes,
but in the silence between.

— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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