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The Burning of the Witch

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The Burning of the Witch Empty The Burning of the Witch

Post  Manahuna on 31.05.16 2:16

[the true, original "meta-mophoric" meaning, not the mentally deranged part of recent "religious" history of a specific "christian psychosis" or the extremely cruel "Hindu tradition" of Sati [widow-burning].

I remember Giants born before time
Those who in the olden days had me fostered
Nine worlds I remember
Nine Witches within wood
before the present world three sprang from the ground
She remembers the first murder in the world
when gold-brew was hoist on the spears
in the high-ones hall they burned her
three times they burned
the three times born!
Often, not seldom
yet she still lives!
She was called the bright one
when She came to the settlements
the clairvoyant Völva
She could sent spells
She performed Seidr
ecstatic Her soul
to their assembly seats
went the ruling forces
the high holy Gods to hold Parilament
Asked if the Aesir should carry the sacrifice
or pay the fine for the harm done
towards the enemy Odin threw his spear
that was the first war in the world
broken were the walls of the Aesir stronghold
victorious Vanir were crossing the field!

-The Prophesy of the Völva [Völuspa, poetic Edda]

The Aesir were Gods of conscious intelligence. Their names and functions indicate thought, intent, poetry and their element is air, breath, vitality.

The Vanir
represent the natural forces. Along the Vanir is Frejya, the Lady.. who rules Death, Fate and Magic, she is also called the Great Ocean who nourishes the world tree [Yggdrasill or "the carrier of the self"]. Her brother Freyr is "the Lord" who represents fertility and growth [life] and their father-mother spirit Njodr rules over the waves, winds and Heimdall, the great world "who owns the horn of universal memory" [and hears and sees all].

Thus the war is a war between the conscious mind and the laws of nature. A war doomed to be lost by the Aesir. Yet winning the war was not the point of that war.

When Odin throws his spear it is a poetic metaphor for Odin wanting something for himself. And through clever negociation he achieved that which he wanted... for the truce between the divine tribes causes a union between them! Now Freyja and her family dwell with the Aesir. She taught Odin the Seidr who in return tought his priests. And the devine tribes of mind and nature together poured their divine essence into the sacred cauldron [holy grail] now filled with the power of the divine [sacred marriage] with all their knowledge, creativity, and poetry that became the sacred Mead [Soma] bestowing immortality [actually rather "eternal-ty"] and Freyja and Odin formed a being from this Mead called Kvasir [the essence of divine power and wisdom] which was sent out into the world, marking the beginning of the "Golden Age" [Frodafrid = Age of Peace] when divine knowledge was free and shared by all and everybody had the Breidablik = "broad vision" as the result of the union between Spirit and Love.

But then Peace of Wisdom was disrupted. Two priest dwarves decided they wanted to monopolize divine Wisdom for themslves. They killed Kvasir poured his essence back into the cauldron that they jealously guarded. Their selfish plan for immortality backfired and at death these jealous dwarves drowned in the cosmic ocean, the precious Mead was brought into the underworld, forever hidden from humanity. The Godess of all Fate was charged with hiding the Mead in the Darkness of Death. Only Odin through a trial of initiation could bring the Mead back to the shrine of the Earth. But he, blinded by selfish greed just like the dwarves, betrayed the Goddess and left her behind in the Underworld, not understanding that She was the Mead of Wisdom!

And forever after those who wished for divine Wisdom would have to seek it in the underworld - facing Death. The seeker would have to wake up the sleeping Goddess within the realms of Oblivion. This was the beginning of a spiritual path towards total freedom and divine existence for men and gods and only those without fear may wake her and receive her gifts.

Thus the Fates decreed it at the dawn of Time!

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