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Online Censorship, A.I. Bots and the War on your Mind

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Online Censorship, A.I. Bots and the War on your Mind  Empty Online Censorship, A.I. Bots and the War on your Mind

Post  Manahuna on 21.08.16 20:36

a few days ago I tried to leave a "historical" comment on the article:

Israel’s mysterious baby-stealing scandal extends to Holocaust survivors featured on Russia Today.

Online Censorship, A.I. Bots and the War on your Mind  13939310

but was censored twice while every moron can rant their spiteful anti-jew-ish hate drivel such as:

Online Censorship, A.I. Bots and the War on your Mind  Screen12

Russia Today outsourced their comment section to Spot.IM located in Tel Aviv
who apparently approve 'anti-Semitic' rubbish while censoring objective comments?

We must assume that Spot.IM does a great job of not just making Russia Today look like a news site mainly visited by morons, but also to produce a convenient smokescreen to maintain the narrative of 'anti-Semitic' hate speech .. in the light of recurring Israeli air force strikes against Palestinians.

Online Censorship, A.I. Bots and the War on your Mind  5sysh510

Brave New World of synthetic realities?

Another thought that crossed my mind in connection to this Israeli comment management company regards the use of web bots being employed to produce 'fake AI postings' for their owners/programmers. A bot is a force multiplier for the operator and only does what it has been programed to do. This shows you the intention of its owner and how they intent to interact with the community. There is no code of conduct and dumping code for spambots is raising the level of hate on social media, an already widely spread method of discrediting or manipulating genuine organically grown social platforms. Steem.it is the newest example and very attractive for using bots to increase ones earnings, yet bots erode trust, fairness and are fake activity giving a wrong impression of success, or mislead the public when connected to fora and comment sections, as is my suspicion in RT's case, thus creating thousands of fake non-human comments to shape a false reality.

In this case it is quite clear to me that this Israeli/US company at RT is creating a 'fake readership demographics' by pushing everyone commenting into an ambivalent position and online environment. Maybe Putin just made a few specific deals with specific Russian Jewish oligarchs, but yes, it snags against his credibility.

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”
― George Orwell, 1984

All this reminds me of the time just prior to the civil war that broke out in Yugoslavia when "classical mass media" such as TV, Radio and Newspapers were instrumental in creating the ethnically hateful atmosphere to condition Yugoslavia's people to accept "their fate" which would never have been possible without the mass media brainwashing. I was always aware about the complicit role the media plays in forming perception by twisting facts and making emotional appeals to manipulate. I gew up in West Berlin and watched western and eastern TV, it was hillarious, but nothing compared to the methods of today.

But this goes much deeper if you consider the use of such faked social online realities for governments to crack down on it's citizen's rights to express themselves freely. Just think of how Germany has succeeded in "cracking down" dissent to Merkel's EU and immigration policies by first slandering public opposition, and then by censoring freedom of speech with the help of social media outlets such as Facebook. But Germany is not the only country that has suddenly a problem with it's 'democratic principles', mainly all western governments are either employing, or are in the process of creating cyber armies to finally get total control over internet content. The good days of the internet are currently suspended, to which side will prevail, the people or panicked governments run by election fraud and aided by psychopathic oligarchs of the likes of George Soros, is still open.

"For me it was a very positive experience, because you see incredible suffering around you,
and in fact you're in considerable danger yourself... it's a very happy making, exhilarating experience."

Soros collaborated with the Nazi's and betrayed other Jews by helping to steal their belongings to spare himself.

And he doesn’t feel any remorse about it. None. Instead he called it "the happiest time of his life".

While people like Soros and Kissinger are "credited" for doing the Empire's "Drecksarbeit" it is unelected politicians like Herman Van Rompuy, José Manuel Barroso, Mario Draghi and Jean-Claude Juncker, all of whom are Jesuits in the tradition of Masonic Rosucrucianism, who "manage" the collapsing EU. So no this isn't a jew-ish conspiracy. The Hebrews were subdued by the Roman Empire a long time ago. The only rival that the Vatican is having little success in destoying is the Orthodox Church and it's patron Russia, the properbly longest battle in history and still ongoing.

Online Censorship, A.I. Bots and the War on your Mind  20160810

Mankind on the threshold of a new consciousness

We are at a threshold of a new era with abundant opportunity for developing a fair and prosperous global civilization, but we're also still stuck with the old decaying system were Nobel Peace Prize winners with $200 billion in arms sales on their record, and wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Ukraine are fighting against the world population to maintain the status quo of an evil, mostly Jesuit controlled empire that serves the interest of the few against the many.

Never forget that there is cunning purpose behind the constant "news" bombardments about the financial and economic collapse, wars, terrorism, ecological catastrophies, dead Gorillas, UFO's and "the End of the World", because all those things are perpetrated against you with government complicity to wear you down and switch off your head to push their "solution" of a gulag-style New World Order. It's doomed to fail though.

The Sun of Good gave it's live so that we could live, the Sun is begetting Earth once again and alas a new world is born. To stay in it depends on the willingness to adapt to a new paradigm. No amount of geo engineering, surveillance, financial fraud, A.I. and false flag war and terrorism will do to stop the Sun’s new energy. We’re at UV-D and we’re intrinsic creatures of light.

May your bio-photons upgrade and your DNA emit the light of the new era
to find the strengh to do what is right, and not what is "legal". 


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