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Post  Manahuna on 26.01.10 9:44

Hezbollahs criminal homicide Hassan Nasrallah is a DRUG DEALER!!

Hezbollah funded by drug trade in Europe

German police suspect the Lebanese militant group, Hezbollah, of using drug trafficking in Europe to fund part of its activities, German magazine Der Spiegel reported.

According to the report published on the magazine's website, German police arrested two Lebanese citizens living in Germany last October after they transferred large sums of money to a family in Lebanon with connections to Hezbollah's leadership, including the Shiite group's Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah.

Suspicion was first raised in May 2008, when police found 8.7 million Euros in the bags of four Lebanese men at the airport in Frankfurt.

Hezbollah Narco Terror Fvcmrm

Drugs seized in a intercepted smuggling attempt over Israel's northern border.

Lebanons Drug War

Filmed with a night-vision camera just before Israeli narcotics officers pounced from nearby bushes, the video shows a Lebanese courier lobbing half-kilo packages of heroin over the border fence into Israel and an Israeli courier throwing back packages of $100 bills.

Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah guerrillas have been battling for years along this frontier. But a quieter war goes on here every night, one between Inspector Gal Ben Ish's narcotics teams and the smugglers who have turned this jumpy border into the main conduit for heroin bound for Israeli drug markets.

Israeli police say Hezbollah, the dominant power in the towns and villages of south Lebanon, takes a cut of the trade and uses the money to fund operations and recruit agents inside Israel, one of them an Israeli army colonel now in jail for trading secrets for drugs and cash.

The March 2009 U.S. Department of State's International Narcotics Control Strategy Report documents "a direct connection between traditional Colombian drug trafficking and money laundering organizations and Middle Eastern money launderers tied to Hezbollah."

The threat is not limited to Mexican drug cartels; many criminal and drug trafficking organizations in the Western Hemisphere collaborate with Muslim terrorist groups like al- Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. The Tri-Border Area (TBA -- Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay), for example, is a known center of their operations.

How are terrorist groups connected to the drug trade? In several ways. Some terrorist groups, like Colombia’s FARC, collect taxes from people who cultivate or process illicit drugs on lands that it controls; others, including Hezbollah and Colombia’s AUC, traffic in drugs themselves. Moreover, some terrorist groups are supported by states funded by the drug trade; Afghanistan’s former Taliban rulers, for instance, earned an estimated $40 million to $50 million per year from taxes related to opium. The drug trade is also a significant part of the economies of Syria—which has funded terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad—and Lebanon, a haven for numerous terrorist groups including Hezbollah and Hamas.How are terrorist groups connected to the drug trade? In several ways. Some terrorist groups, like Colombia’s FARC, collect taxes from people who cultivate or process illicit drugs on lands that it controls; others, including Hezbollah and Colombia’s AUC, traffic in drugs themselves. Moreover, some terrorist groups are supported by states funded by the drug trade; Afghanistan’s former Taliban rulers, for instance, earned an estimated $40 million to $50 million per year from taxes related to opium. The drug trade is also a significant part of the economies of Syria—which has funded terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad—and Lebanon, a haven for numerous terrorist groups including Hezbollah and Hamas.


Hezbollah and Mexica Drug Cartels Operating in Mexico and U.S.

Mexican drug cartels, Hezbollah (Party of God) and other Islamic terrorist groups are joining forces in Mexico. Hezbollah is synonymous with terror, suicide bombings, kidnappings and beheadings. No wonder the criminal organizations in Mexico seem to have adopted many Middle Eastern terrorist tactics with kidnappings and beheadings happening throughout Mexico.

According to authorities global Islamic terrorist have moved into Mexico and other Latin American countries to open the door for Mexican cartels to have excess to Afghanistan cocaine at bargain basement prices, those profits from those sales are being passed on to Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations worldwide to attack the states from within.

Hezbollah is known to be raising money for their cause in the U.S and some Americans say they have brought suite case dirty booms into the U.S. and are waiting for further instructions. Hezbollah is currently training Mexican drug cartel enforcement gang members. They are teaching them their gorilla terror tactic’s that they use in the Middle East.

One high ranking Mexican Army officer who will at his request remain anonymous says Hezbollah is now believed to be training Mexican drug cartel enforcers the art of bomb making. It is now feared that there will soon be car and truck bombings of Mexican solders at the many road blocks that they have set up throughout Mexico, their barracks, police stations and even government buildings are at risk. The training is designed to combat the Mexican Army and police, American Special Forces and DEA agents now operating in Mexico.

According to Mexican officials Hezbollah is training the opposition to the Mexican Army and is starting to be seen throughout the country. There are new reports of late, of hit and run tactics against Mexican military set up road blocks where both attackers and Mexican solders have been killed.


For some time now, the Shiite terror organization Hezbollah has been involved in drug trafficking. American officials have long known of ties between Hezbollah, Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, ties that earn it hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

In August 2008, for example, U.S. and Colombian investigators dismantled an international cocaine smuggling and money-laundering ring made up of members of a Colombian drug cartel and Lebanese members of Hezbollah. Previously, the DEA had also targeted a Hezbollah drug trafficking ring in the Tri-Border region of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

According to Michael Braun, former administrator and chief of operations at the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Hezbollah relies on “the same criminal weapons smugglers, document traffickers and transportation experts as the drug cartels.

U.S. counterterrorism officials have been keeping a close eye on links between Hezbollah and the drug cartels, worried that al-Qaeda could also make use of the drug trafficking routes between the U.S. and Mexico to send its operatives across the border to carry out terror attacks on American soil.

If this weren’t enough cause for concern, a weekend report in the German magazine Der Spiegel has established a clear link between Hezbollah, the European drug trade and the illegal transfer of funds from Germany directly to that terror group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

The report says that German police have arrested four Lebanese Nationals (all members of the same family) at Frankfort Airport who were found to be carrying millions of dollars in their carry-on-bags. Later, two other relatives were subsequently arrested, and under questioning admitted that they had sent money back to Lebanon to Hezbollah’s leadership. German police suspect that the two had trained in Hezbollah training camps in Lebanon.

Although the link with South American drug cartels has long been known, this is the first time that a direct Hezbollah link with the European drug trade has been demonstrated, although one has been suspected for quite some time due to increased cultivation of drugs in Lebanon. In fact, a 2009 United Nations report by that organization’s Office on Drugs and Crime says that:

[Lebanese] farmers in the Bekaa Valley (once the center of the Middle East’s largest hashish industry), appear to be resuming cannabis cultivation, as well as other drugs.

This is a disturbing development.

During the Lebanese civil war, the drug trade generated nearly $500 million a year in revenue, which was about 15% of Lebanon’s economy at the time. That money was a huge source of revenue for Hezbollah and other militias, also bringing enormous benefit to Syria and Iran, the primary providers of weaponry to Hezbollah.

The links between Islamic terrorism and drug trafficking are real and are growing, and in countries such as Lebanon–where government control is weak–Hezbollah has become a state-within-a-state, and the drug trade has become a source of funds for the procurement of its arms and matériel.

A fact, which has not gone unnoticed by Hezbollah, is that terrorism does not operate without money; and the drug trade is making them a lot of it.

Hezbollah Flag and Nazi Salutes in Toronto...Paid for With $3 Million of Canadian Taxpayer Money...

Here are three photos from the “Gaza Freedom March” in Toronto on December 27. The top one, of the chappie with the flag of the jihad terrorist group Hizballah, comes from Shalom Life, where in “Hizbollah Flag in Downtown Toronto.

Hezbollah Narco Terror 6qv6md

Hezbollah Narco Terror 312dxj7

Something caught my eye in one of her photos which I posted below, notice the “flag staff”, it reads “Palestine House”. I guess Nazi Ideology is part of the curriculum taught in their ” language instruction and lebensraum immigrant settlement programs”. You know, the ones your taxes pay for.This is taken from NGO Monitor’s submission to the CPCCA posted below.

Palestine House Educational (PHE) (Mississauga, Ontario): PHE received $747,314 from the Canadian government in 2008-9 for language instruction ; and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has two agreements totaling over $3 million through 2010 for language instruction and immigrant settlement.

Venezuela fostering the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group in Lebanon,
by way of establishing a base for operations in Latin America:


Hezbollah Narco Terror Sx0vhg

The logo adorning the main page and document is an AK-47 rifle. The propaganda appearing on the Web presence of the Venezuelan subsidiary of Hezbollah talks about installing the kingdom of God in Venezuela by imposing a military-theocratic type of government, an explosive mixture similar to what already exists in Iran. It claims: "The brief enjoyment of life on earth is selfish. The other life is better for those who follow Allah."Where have we heard this before? In the leaflets that encourage the suicide missions of children and teenagers in Palestine.

Venezuela is deteriorating to the point of no return

The social and political situation in Venezuela has reached the point in which major action will be required by civilized Venezuelans and their friends, if the country is to be saved from falling irreversibly into the hands of the fanatic and uncultured Chávez's gang. Those who are following the Venezuelan situation in detail can see clearly how Venezuelan society is dissolving, turning into a work of horror, something out of Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher or of H.P. Lovecraft's most morbid fiction.

In the domestic scene Democracy and Human Rights have been roughly and impudently pushed aside, replaced by the abuses of a group of Neanderthal-like bureaucrats moved by social and racial hate. The Mayor of Caracas, a man by the name of Juan Barreto recently exploded out of control on TV, insulting his colleagues in a Stalinist-type of demonstration that left viewers horrified. A few days later this man went on to issue a decree "expropriating" the golf courses of the two main Caracas private clubs, in order "to build houses for the poor," as if these golf courses were the only available land left in the country for housing. These are just two examples of how the regime is behaving. The exercise of government, in Chávez's Venezuela, has been converted in a competition among gangsters, to see who are the most corrupt, the most uncivilized and the most destructive.

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Post  Manahuna on 26.01.10 9:44

Chavez Going Nuclear, Consolidating Venezuela-Iran-Hezbollah Terror Axis

Even the left now admits that Iran and Venezuela are cooperating to sow global instability, with Venezuelan oil going to Iran and Iranian missiles coming to Venezuela. But at least Chavez is also building nuclear facilities with Russia's help. At least there's that:

Hugo Chavez wants to join the nuclear energy club and is looking to Russia for help in getting started. The Venezuelan leader is already dismissing critics' concerns over his nuclear ambitions, offering assurances his aims are peaceful and that Venezuela will simply be following in the footsteps of other South American nations using nuclear energy.

Yet his project remains in its planning stages and still faces a host of practical hurdles, likely requiring billions of dollars, as well as technology and expertise that Venezuela lacks. Russia has offered to help bridge that gap, and Chavez has announced that the two countries have created an atomic energy commission.

Of course a simple bilateral relationship - even one built on mutual nuclear capabilities - is too small time for these cretins. They're determined to have their own full-blown Iran-Venezuela-Hezbollah terror axis:

Two related items that should give the Obama administration pause as it seeks ways to engage Venezuela's Hugo Chávez and other countries in Venezuela's sphere of influence (Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador primarily). The first is the new Memorandum of Understanding signed between the militaries of Venezuela and Iran. According to the official FARS News Agency, Iran's defense minister, in a visit to Caracas, "underlined Tehran's all-out efforts to help Venezuela promote its defense capabilities and bolster its power of deterrence through bilateral Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) on military cooperation." Chávez, for his part, stated that "The Bolivarian and the Islamic Revolutions have a lot in common and these commonalities have consolidated the two countries' bonds."...

At the same time, 17 people were arrested in the small Caribbean island (and Dutch territory) of Curacao on charges of transporting several tons of cocaine and sending some of the money to Hezbollah. "We have been able to establish that this group has relations with international criminal organizations that have connections with the Hezbollah," prosecutor Ludmila Vicento said.

Chavez has also purchased himself some brand new tanks. His military and terror financing has drained Venezuela's coffers to the point where they can't even keep the lights on any more.

Loretta Napoleoni discusses the funding of Hezbollah

revolutionary ways to counteract terrorism and her lifelong fascination with political violence.

Do you think that there’s a difference between groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda and groups like Hezbollah and Hamas that seem to be a little bit more localized?

No. I don’t think there’s a huge difference. I think that Hezbollah and Hamas are not in a situation where crime and narcotics can sustain them 100 percent, but there are links with crime and narcotics. For example, we know that cocaine now comes from Colombia or Venezuela, is flown to West Africa and from there is distributed to Europe in various ways. One way is inland, and inland traffic is controlled by Nigerian organized crime, and part of this business is handled by groups that report to Hezbollah. These are primarily criminal groups who are part of the diaspora of Lebanon -- there are a lot of Lebanese living in West Africa.

Why would criminal groups fund the Hezbollah?

Because they’re all part of the same world. The diaspora in West Africa is not so interested in what is happening back home. They’re not planning to come back home. But, it’s a bit like supporting a football team -- this is what I’m going to support because I’m Lebanese and I don’t want this government in place. I send the money because Hezbollah are my people.

In reality, when you look at the religious principles that the members of Hezbollah say they aspire to, they all condemn criminal behavior. Yet, everybody is doing it. You see the contradiction? I think because you can make money so quickly through crime, because crime pays so well, you end up becoming a criminal and using part of this money to support your family, which in a way are the Hezbollah in Lebanon. This is the chain.

What are some steps that you think we should be taking to help counteract terrorism, economically or otherwise?

First of all, I want to note again, that whatever I say today about this will be different in six months. But, I will say that I think that one of the first things that should be done today to fight terrorism is to stop considering it a threat to national security, because it’s not. None of these organizations have the power to destroy a state. If we did this, it would bring terrorism back to the domain of crime. This would solve many problems. For example, right now the US is attempting to bring the people imprisoned at Guantanamo to trial, but this is a legal nightmare -- they’ve created a monster and now they don’t know how to get rid of it. So that is the first step.

The second step is to look at where the funds are coming from, and for sure narcotics today is one of, if not the most important source of revenue. So, I would legalize drugs. I know that this is never going to happen. I sit on so many committees on this issue and I can tell you that the world’s experts on narcotics, every single one, in private will tell you, “Yes, that’s the solution. We legalize drugs, we control the drugs, we tax them and we make sure that those who are being supported by drug revenue don’t get that money anymore.” But, the real issue is the moral issue. Which government is going to tell its citizens that it’s going to legalize drugs because this is the only way to create a safer world? They’ve used the argument that drugs destroy society for so long. This would require a completely different worldview and approach to politics. However, it would cut out a lot of these illegal revenues and therefore a lot of crime.

The third step would be to interrupt the funding. We know that money goes from the Gulf regularly to fund the Taliban. We know that money goes to Afghanistan and to Pakistan. We know that India is also involved. There’s a lot of state-sponsored terrorism going on and we know that. So, if we really wanted to inconvenience terrorists then we would denounce these kinds of relationships. But again, that would put the foreign policy of the United States and Europe on a completely different foot, and it’s not going to happen. So, I think in the long run, at least in Central Asia, I think China will intervene. You see, the latest is that the narcotics traffickers that are in business with the Taliban are targeting China as a new primary market.

Lebanons Hezbollah Nazi Roots

"Just like Hitler fought the Jews, we are a great Islamic nation of jihad, and we too should fight the Jews and burn them."

LEBANESE Hisham Shamas, political science student, at a symposium hosted by Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV at Lebanon's largest and only government-run university, Université Libanaise, November 29, 2005

Hezbollah Narco Terror 2iqo8wh

This is the first Middle East war in which the main threat to Israel comes, not from secular Arab nationalism, but from Islamism.

Both Hezbollah and Hamas draw their main inspiration, armaments and funding from Islamist sources, ranging from the Sunni ideologues of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Shiite demagogues of Iran. What unites them all is a fanatical dedication to the destruction of Israel.

Sounding like a modern-day Hitler, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this week repeated his call for the "elimination" of Israel, home to six million Jews. Hezbollah, Iran's proxy army in Lebanon, shares that objective. Its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has urged the world's Jews to collect in Israel in order to facilitate the task of exterminating them.

In this regard, there are parallels between the present war and previous campaigns waged against Israel by Arab nationalists. One thing that Arab nationalists and Islamists clearly have in common, though it is usually ignored in the Western media, is their explicit debt to the Nazis.

This extends even to overt Nazi symbolism. I am indebted to one of the most seasoned observers of the Middle East, Tom Gross, for a photograph of a Hezbollah rally on the Lebanese side of the border fence, shortly before the present conflict. With houses in the Israeli town of Metullah in the background, hundreds of uniformed Hezbollah terrorists are raising their arms in a Nazi-style salute. This obscene ceremony, complete with yellow standards and mullah commanders taking the salute, was happening in full view of Israeli civilians. Mr. Gross asks pointedly, "Are all those now attacking Israel around the world even capable of imagining what an elderly Holocaust survivor who happened to glance across the fence might have felt?"

Hezbollah's Nazi salute evokes memories of Hitler's support for Arab agitators such as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the leaders of a pro-Nazi coup in Iraq. The Nazi legacy also manifests itself in Holocaust denial or revisionism, a Middle Eastern obsession that unites the most extreme Islamists, including Iran's president, with "moderate" secularists such as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Arabs appropriated anti-Semitic ideology directly from the Nazis and have recycled it ever since. In the 1950s, the Baathist parties in Syria and Iraq modelled themselves on Hitler's heady brew of nationalism and socialism. Charismatic dictators from Nasser and Gaddafi to Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat turned themselves into little Hitlers, weaving anti-Semitism into their political agendas. However, the Nazi connection is usually mentioned by Arab nationalists and Islamists sotto voce, because they constantly identify Zionism with Nazism in their propaganda.

A second key similarity between today's Islamists and past Arab nationalists relates less to ideology than to geopolitics. As the British historian Efraim Karsh convincingly shows in his new book, Islamic Imperialism, the pursuit of empire through ruthless military conquest has been a constant theme from the time of Muhammad till that of Osama bin Laden, whose jihad is aimed at creating a timeless, universal Caliphate.

Yet the dominant historical narrative stands this on its head, portraying the Arabists and Islamists as anti-imperialist. Even as Gamal Abdel Nasser dreamt of what John Dulles called "an empire stretching from the Persian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean," the Egyptian dictator posed as the champion of the "non-aligned" nations, struggling against European colonialism and superpower hegemony.

The whole issue of imperialism is invariably accompanied by much hypocrisy. Today, for example, America is criticized because of its refusal to intervene to stop Israel from retaliating against Hezbollah. America's critics are demanding that a superpower should intervene to prevent a sovereign state from defending its population against bombardment by proxies of a government that has declared its intention of wiping that state off the map. What could be more imperialist than such an intervention?

The classic example of Arab exploitation of the West's confusion over imperialism was the Suez crisis of 1956. Fifty years ago this week, Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal, thereby precipitating an international crisis. The British prime minister, Anthony Eden, decided it was his duty to reject appeasement and stop Nasser. But President Eisenhower, campaigning for re-election, refused to have anything to do with it. And American and Russian pressure eventually forced the British and their allies to back down.

So Nasser snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and the Arab war against the West began. Fifty years on, it is by no means over. Indeed, if those Nazi-saluting Hezbollah thugs are anything to go by, we may have seen nothing yet.

(c) CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc.

Hezbollah Narco Terror 5agmeq

This extends even to overt Nazi symbolism. I am indebted to one of the most seasoned observers of the Middle East, Tom Gross, for a photograph of a Hezbollah rally on the Lebanese side of the border fence, shortly before the present conflict. With houses in the Israeli town of Metullah in the background, hundreds of uniformed Hezbollah terrorists are raising their arms in a Nazi-style salute. This obscene ceremony, complete with yellow standards and mullah commanders taking the salute, was happening in full view of Israeli civilians.[/b]

[size=150]Masonic agenda of SHIA IRAN[/size]


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Hezbollah Narco Terror Empty Re: Hezbollah Narco Terror

Post  Manahuna on 26.01.10 9:46

Hezbollah and other Islamo-fascist terrorists

concluded long ago that "if it bleeds it leads" doesn't simply apply to the sensation-hungry media. Islamo-fascist mass murderers maintain public bloodletting (their enemy's and their own) is a victory in itself.

We know "big bloodletting" means big headlines. But for Hezbollah's philosophes, mass bloodletting serves another purpose: It is a demonstration of terrorist commitment and moral will.

Islamo-fascist "death cult" terrorists are convinced their forceful willpower (when combined with actions demonstrating millenarian certitude) ultimately guarantees defeat of liberal Western couch potatoes and sheep.

The Islamo-fascists aren't the first international mass murder movement to deserve the moniker of "death cult." In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, trans-national anarchists touted "politics of the bomb" and "propaganda by deed."

The anarchists spilled blood -- over a seven-year period (1894-1901) they killed a French president, a Spanish prime minister, an Italian king and a U.S. president (William McKinley). However, they failed to ignite a global revolution that they claimed would produce an earthly paradise of justice once the ancien regimes disappeared in flames. The anarchists believed their own propaganda, and by doing so misjudged the enormous strengths of liberal capitalist democracies. They totally underestimated the United States.

Unfortunately, the anarchists' agitprop techniques inform contemporary terrorists, and the dregs of its half-baked philosophies continue to deform a few lost corners of human culture. A romantic notion of anarchist violence energizes much of the radical-chic rhetoric emanating from American college campuses, providing pseudo-intellectual tropes for anti-Americanism and "anti-globalization."

These are the rear-guard actions of a dead-end ideology posing as the avant-garde.

We'll all be better off when Islamo-fascism follows anarchism's path. Pray for the day when the proponents of Hezbollahism and Bin Ladenism are mere academic crackpots.

But defeating Islamo-fascism means men and women who love their own liberty enough to defend it (wherever they live on this often tortured planet of ours) must once again display more spine than the killers.

Defeating death cults entails persevering despite loss of life and heinous outrage.

At the moment, the world's most critical demonstration of the will to persevere and destroy terrorism is Israel's confrontation with Hezbollah in northern Israel and southern Lebanon.

During the 1990s, Hezbollah (with Iranian and Syrian support) fought a grinding guerrilla war against Israel's occupation of south Lebanon. Under international pressure to withdraw as a prelude to a peace deal, Israel pulled out. Hezbollah touted Israel's withdrawal as a loss of Israeli will to fight.

But Hezbollah's Iranian masters never thought the U.S. would be in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The Iraqi election of January 2005 ignited Lebanon's "Beirut Spring" pro-democracy rallies. Those rallies shook even the most willful tyrants in Tehran and Syria. The appeal of liberal democracy brought couch potatoes and sheep into the streets -- indicating they weren't couch potatoes.

Which is why I know this Israel-Hezbollah war is no accident. Tyrants and terrorists must dash the hopes of couch potatoes and sheep. The will of the tyrants and terrorists cannot be successfully mocked and challenged, or it's over for the tyrants and terrorists. And, oh yes, Iran's holy quest for a nuclear weapon cannot be thwarted, either.

But tyrants and terrorists' willpower and warfare are being challenged. Over the last two weeks, criticism of Israel from the usual amen corners has been conspicuously circumspect. It appears U.S.-led diplomatic efforts designed to give Israel the time to defeat Hezbollah are working.

Let's hope Condi Rice can buy Israel a couple of months. Israel indicates it intends to destroy, bunker by bunker, Iran's investment in Hezbollah. The Israelis are killing Hezbollah's fighters -- and letting the sensation-hungry media document their deaths.

Hezbollah can proclaim a victory-in-death, but like the claims of its global anarchist antecedents, the bloody tout will be desperately hollow.

Hezbollah Narco Terror 29usnl3
Left to right: Nazi Muslim Flag used in Bosnia under Haj Amin al-Husseini, 1943;
al-Husseini meeting with Adolf Hitler, 1941; al-Husseini reviewing his Nazi Muslim troops, 1943.

Nazism held a genuine appeal for the Arab populace, who were attracted to its messages of rejection of democracy, recovery of past military glory and Jew-hating. In 1935, Reza Shah, the ruler of Persia, changed the country's name from Persia to Iran to reflect that they, like the Nazis, were Aryans. A popular Arab song during the war went, "Allah in heaven, Hitler on earth."

The historic Nazi connection to today's Islamic terrorism is Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He became a Nazi agent after meeting Adolf Eichmann, an architect of the Holocaust, in Palestine in 1937, and with Nazi funds organized the Arab Revolt of 1936-39 which led to the British closing Palestine to Jewish immigration. This facilitated the "Final Solution" by closing off the avenue of refuge. In 1941, the mufti orchestrated a short-lived, Nazi-backed generals' coup in Iraq. One of the participants in that coup, Gen. Khayrallah Tulfah, was Saddam Hussein's uncle and mentor.

The Iraq coup was followed by the Farhud, a pogrom against Baghdad's Jews, an event viewed by Sephardic Jews as comparable to the German "Kristallnacht." The Mufti obtained Hitler's assurance in November 1941 that after dealing with the Jews of Europe, Hitler would treat the Jews of the Middle East similarly. Husseini promised the support of the Arabs for the Nazi war effort. In Berlin, Husseini used the "sonderfund," money confiscated from Jewish victims, to finance subversive pro-Nazi activities in the Middle East and to raise 20,000 Muslim troops in Bosnia, the infamous Hanjar S.S. Waffen, who murdered tens of thousands of Serbs and Jews in the Balkans and served as police auxiliary in Hungary.

But the Mufti's Nazi heritage did not end with the Holocaust.

Hezbollah Narco Terror 312uscm
Left to right: Adolf Hitler, Nazi salute; Hezbollah swearing-in ceremonies in Iran;
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“Israel must be wiped off the map…”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, October 26, 2005

“They have created a myth in the name of the Holocaust…”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, December 14, 2005


Jason Kenney, a Tory Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, stated at a press conference on August 22, 2006, that he is opposed to removing Hezbollah from Canada’s list of terrorist organizations. Kenny said “lessons need to be learned from history.” “There was another political party in the past which had democratic support, which provided social services, which played an important role in the political life of its country in Germany in the 1930s which was also dedicated to violence against the Jewish people,” Kenney declared. “Hezbollah is motivated by anti-Semitism and dedicated to the destruction of Israel.”

“Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine…and aims at the elimination of Zionism in Palestine.”

Palestinian National Charter, Articles 9 and 15

Hezbollah Narco Terror 105wtbd
Left to right: Arabic edition of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” distributed by Palestinian Authority in 2003;
Yasser Arafat in Fatah militia; Hamas children in military indoctrination; Palestinian Fatah militia salute.

“Commando (Feday’ee) action constitutes the nucleus of the Palestinian popular liberation war. This requires its escalation, comprehensiveness, and the mobilization of all the Palestinian popular and educational efforts and their organization and involvement in the armed Palestinian revolution….Accordingly, the Palestinian people look to all spiritual forces in the world for support.”

(Articles 10 and 16, Palestinian National Charter, 1968)

Mohammed Abder Rauf Arafat al-Kudwa al-Husseini, shortened to Yasser Arafat to avoid identification with his mentor, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was born on August 4, 1929, in Egypt, though Arafat’s “official” website says, “in Jerusalem.” Said to be al-Husseini’s nephew or cousin, Arafat began to work for al-Husseini in Cairo in 1946, when he was 17. Egypt, Syria and other Arab countries, and some Latin American states had become a haven for thousands of Nazi expatriates. Al-Husseini played a key role in this “pipeline” which trafficked war criminals. Arafat helped supply arms for al-Husseini’s al-Jihad al-Muqaddas militia, or “Holy Warriors.” Arafat’s posted biography does record that "In 1958, President Yasser Arafat departed the Arab Republic of Egypt to Kuwait to work as an engineer. [He] met several Palestinian figures…and discussed with them the establishment of the Palestine National Liberation Movement, 'al-Fatah'. Later, [he] went back to Palestine to meet a group of Palestinian activists and announce the launching of the Fatah movement on January 1, 1965.…”

Indoctrinated by al-Husseini to “kill Jews wherever you find them,” and fueled by Arab editions of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and the conspiracy theories published by the Egyptian government under the title, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” Yasser Arafat and his Fatah movement began to mock moderate Arab leaders and to call for war “to eliminate Israel.” Egyptian President Abdel Nasser, associated with al-Husseini, employed a number of former Nazi officers, and founded the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as an alternative to Arafat’s Fatah. Following the “Six-Day War” in 1967, the PLO was reorganized and placed under the leadership of Yasser Arafat. In 1968 PLO delegates met to draft a national charter or covenant, the articles of which deny the ancient existence of the Jewish People in the Holy Land, demand an “Arab homeland” and Palestinian state, and call for the destruction of the State of Israel. Though Arafat and PLO governing bodies made “promises” to amend the Charter and affirm Israel’s right to exist, no changes have been ratified or implemented. The original 1968 Charter is still displayed by the Palestinian delegation to the United Nations and other Palestinian bodies.

The recent militant call from Iran to “wipe Israel off the map” has century-old Nazi fascist roots. To keep the Arab and Palestinian people deceived and intellectually and spiritually enslaved, the Holocaust must be derided as a “myth.” A web of lies and conspiracy theories must be carefully spun and maintained. Children must be continually indoctrinated. “Turnspeak” must remain the order of the day.

Joan Peters, in her classic study, “From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine” (ISBN 0-9636242-0-2) documents that “turnspeak” is a term first used by journalists to describe German propaganda after it invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939. To win sympathy for their invasion, the Germans practiced “turnspeak.” They turned the blame back on the Czechs for trying to precipitate an all-out war in the region. In other words, the Czechs, in their attempt to hang onto their land, were ready to plunge all of Europe into war. How did the rest of Europe respond to this lie? They believed it. World leaders decided that something had to be done to preserve peace at any cost. Author William Shirer, a reporter in Europe at the time, distilled the truth simply when he wrote, “Thus the plight of the German minority in Czechoslovakia was merely a pretext…for cooking up a stew in a land he [Hitler] coveted, undermining it, confusing and misleading its friends and concealing his real purpose…to destroy the Czechoslovak state and grab its territories.”

Examples of “turnspeak” abound. The Arab terrorists’ Munich massacre of Israeli Olympians was turned into an Egyptian account saying it was “really masterminded by the Jews.” The continuing Arab claim that “the Jews are Nazis” is not without motive. Just weeks after the Israel-Egypt peace accord had culminated in Israel’s return of the Sinai, an important Egyptian daily wrote, “It is now clear to us from the behavior of the Nazi Zionist regime in Israel that Zionism wishes to come in the place of the fascist Nazi tyrants.”

Articles issued from leading Western news services routinely contain “turnspeak” statements like, “the Israeli settlers are roaming the West Bank with guns and randomly shooting at Palestinians…Israeli violations of human rights are the worst in the world…Israel rejects all overtones of peace by Arab countries…the Jews are preventing Arab countries from having democracies…Israel is a terrorist state.” And, just recently, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Holocaust may be an invented “excuse” by the nations that won World War II to keep Germans “ashamed.” (Bloomberg.com 8/29/06)

“Turnspeak” calls the Holocaust a “myth, while the speaker’s own poisonous complicity in present genocidal plans and programs against the Jews and the State of Israel is evident for anyone who really wants to know the truth.

Haj Amin al-Husseini, named as the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was at the core of Hitler’s Nazi Muslim forces. Hafez al-Assad of Syria, Saddam Hussein of Iraq and other Arab dictators were all schooled at Husseini's feet. Amin al-Husseini was at different intervals the head of the Islamic World Congress, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Arab League. As a leader of these organizations, until his death in the 70s, he had the time and opportunity to spread his virulent anti-Jewish philosophy all over the Arab and Muslim world. Since Husseini's days, the entire Islamic world has been infected with armies of violent fascist groups.

This Husseini-Nazi “taproot” gave rise to the modern imperialistic fascist strain of Islamic terror that the Free World is battling at this very hour. Al Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden, Hezbollah’s Hassen Nasrallah, Hamas’ Ibrahim Hamed and many other Muslim terror chiefs were or are still ardent followers of Haj Amin al-Husseini, “the Fuehrer’s Mufti.”

The Free World is engaged in a generations-long war with Nazi-Islamic Fascists.

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Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini

by Chuck Morse

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